Conventional Property Management

The goal of InterMark’s Conventional Properties Division is to create value for each owner by maximizing the return on investment and through preservation of the asset. Taking a broad view of each property, while having the resources to provide management excellence, enhances our ability to attain this goal.

Optimizing Return on Investment

At InterMark, the goal of optimizing investment returns is accomplished by concentrating our resources at three primary levels:

"When a property owner is looking for someone to manage their investment, they look for stability, dependability and results. InterMark’s track record exemplifies these qualities."

- Andrea Mays, Director, Operations

The Bottom-Line Starts with the Front-Line

At InterMark, we are not only fond of saying that the bottom-line starts with the front-line, we truly believe the key to each property’s success is an emphasis on delivering the best front-line personnel in our industry. Our commitment to recruiting, training and retaining superior front-line staff ensures achievements in the crucial areas of leasing, budget control and resident satisfaction. These achievements assure the realization of the property owner’s goals.

InterMark provides a dynamic training program that enables each property to operate effectively through the presence of well-prepared personnel. Our strong commitment to training allows us to provide a comprehensive learning experience through a combination of instructor-led courses and self-guided online training modules. The program focuses on the most relevant and practical property management skills currently required of front-line staff at today’s highly-competitive, affordable communities.

Managing from an Owner’s Perspective

InterMark’s portfolio of both third-party assignments and owned assets allows our clients to benefit from our instinctive approach to property management from the owner’s perspective. As owners of multi-family assets, our inherent mode of operation is aligned with the rationale and motivations of our third-party clients. We are pragmatic in approach to property management and the hallmark of our customer service is the accessibility that our clients have to the principals and corporate leadership of our company. These factors allow us to problem-solve from an owner’s perspective and maintain unhindered channels of communication with our clients.

Asset Management

Our ability to enhance the operation, control and oversight of multi-family assets is the crux of The InterMark Advance. Our broad experience in real estate investment, development, banking and construction monitoring allows us to assist owners in handling a wide range of financial transactions and strategic opportunities outside the realm of traditional property management:

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