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Intermark’s CARE Campaign mission is to develop and implement programs to uplift and empower individuals and families, for the purpose of improving the quality of life of those that have chosen our communities as their home.

Throughout the year, the CARE Campaign takes on several projects to serve individuals and families within our communities. The two main projects that the campaign takes on are the Back To School Supply Drive and the Holiday Care Campaign. These programs provide school supplies for residents who live in our communities and are returning to school as well as providing items from a wish list to our residents who can benefit from assistance during the holiday season. Both programs have been a huge success in previous years. 

Intermark continues to feel very strongly that we should extend our philanthropic efforts to those that choose an Intermark community as their home. Our goal is to alleviate a small portion of the burdens that many of our community members may be carrying and uplift and empower them by purchasing specific items that they have requested. 

Intermark Management 2022 Back To School Edition of the CARE Campaign!

Posted on August 05, 2022

In an effort to help fulfill some of the back-to-school needs of those who choose to make our communities their home, we were able to once again purchase and fill backpacks with basic back-to-school supplies.

The supply items for the past couple of years have looked slightly different with the addition of disinfectant wipes, facial tissues and hand sanitizers.

We wish the children within our communities all the very best with their…

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2020 Holiday Edition of the CARE Campaign

Posted on January 15, 2021

2020 was the year that not only tested us all but reminded us of what really matters in life.  

Being kind, spending quality time with our loved ones and helping those who need it most.  

That being said, the Intermark Management CARE Campaign Elves knuckled down this past holiday season reaching 196 families, the highest number to date.

As we settle in to the new year we will continue growing and expanding our CARE campaign efforts…

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Resident Thank You Notes 2019 Holiday Campaign

Posted on December 26, 2019


I  just wanted to send a special email just to let you all know how appreciated I am.  I would like to say Thank you so much for selecting my family. I am very grateful and truly Thankful for the items for my children. You have made this holiday special day for my children... God bless you all! - Ms. T

I just received a package from you guys (which coincidentally came the night before my birthday!) and I wanted to…

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‘Tis the Season - 2019 Holiday Edition of the CARE Campaign!

Posted on December 20, 2019

'Tis the season for Giving and Spreading Good Cheer - most especially for the Intermark Management CARE Campaign Elves!

Intermark Management CAREs deeply for all residents that choose to make our communities their home and take Spreading Good Cheer very seriously.  On that note, and with the CARE Campaign Holiday Edition for the past 3 years being such a delight for the Elves and Residents alike, we decided to bring it back again in…

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Intermark Management 2019 Back To School Edition of the CARE Campaign!

Posted on August 06, 2019

As the summer season begins to wind down, the morning air becomes cooler and the back-to-school excitement picks up; we are delighted to kick off the Back-To-School Edition of our CARE Campaign! 

The purpose of this edition of the CARE campaign is to help fulfill some of the back-to-school needs of those who choose to make our communities their home.  Our employees have been diligently purchasing and filling backpacks with basic…

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Resident Thank You Notes from the 2018 Holiday Edition of the Care Program

Posted on February 26, 2019

We the H&C Family would like to express our Sincerest Gratitude for the Amazing and much-needed and truly unexpected gift for our son, that arrived today on Christmas Eve!  We are well aware that you did not have to do what you have done this and even last year because the many properties that are owned by the Intermark Corporation and the many residents that you serve each and every day.  It is not lost on us of your generosity as our…

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Intermark Management 2018 Holiday Edition of the CARE Campaign!

Posted on January 24, 2019

InterMark Management believes deeply in our commitment to helping our residents who may be in need of a little uplifting.  The 2016 and 2017 holiday CARE campaigns were such huge successes, we challenged our employees to push forward with our philanthropic efforts for our residents.    

In the 2018 holiday season, with the help of the generous giving from Intermark employees and business partners, the 2018 Year End CARE Campaign reached…

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